Friday, June 26, 2015

Indianapolis Art Center Review for NUVO with excerpts

Here are some paragraphs from my review of the Indianapolis Art Center's Material World show that I edited out of my NUVO review for length reasons:

Not all of the artists avoided traditional artistic materials. By carving in Indiana limestone, Toronto-based Laura Moore was assuring that her life-size, as it were, sculptures of outmoded bulky hard drives and monitors entitled “One Man’s Junk” would have a certain immortality. There was something monumental about her works – these sculptures are certainly monumentally heavy – but something funereal as well about this work too as headstones are often carved in limestone.  Consider that these sculptures that pay homage to the brief era of personal computers—a mere blip in historical terms—are made out of material that just might last for millennia. Is this trash or treasure for a future archaeologist?

Erie, PN.-based Suzanne Proulx’s “Dust Bunnies” are really, really out-of-the-box material-wise.  These bunny-shaped and bunny-sized sculptures are quite literally made out of dust bunnies (and dryer lint).   This work is funny, but it also raises serious and profound questions…. I mean, seriously, how would such work survive the trip home if you were to purchase it?  You’d probably have better luck, though, transporting her series of four “Cow Skull,” sculptures assembled with material from plastic milk jugs so that they resemble actual cow skulls.

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